Munich, I Am Coming!

The suitcase is packed, the air ticket is in the purse, an aromatic morning coffee is on the table. I have already said goodbye to the family. I hope, I have not forgotten anything…
I am excited and curious what is expecting me in Munich.

Suitcase for Munich Photo by  Velvet Android /CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

My suitcase for Munich ;).

More information about fashion here.

VDMD Secret Fashion Show Munich


Eva Padberg – Stylistic Incongruity, but Still in Elegant Way

I am a classical type, but I like to combine classic elements with modern ones, like in InStyle with Eva Padberg. Stylistic incongruity is my motto!

Eva Padberg InStyle

Eva Padberg is not only a popular German model, but also a singer, songwriter, moderator and actress. The readers of FHM voted her to Continue reading