Crêperie Ti Breizh – 3 in 1

The Breizh (English: Brittany; French: Bretagne) is a large peninsula in the far west of France. In the north, west and south it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The tradition of this region and its flair can be found in the restaurant-crêperie Ti Breizh in the Old Town of Hamburg, which is situated on the Nikolaifleet and has a summer terrace at the water front. Ti Breizh is furnished in charming tavern style. That time I visited it with my french class (as I previously mentioned here I began to learn French, just for fun).

Crêperie Ti Breizh

The restaurant offers a large range of delicious galettes and crêpes, thus you can enjoy the tasty Bretonnian cuisine in it. Ti Breizh is Continue reading


Restaurant-Bar Clouds, Hamburg – Extra Class

A new Restaurant-Bar Clouds was opened in November 2013 in Hamburg. We were able to participate in the Tasting Week and have got a positive impression.

Restaurant-Bar Clouds Hamburg

Restaurant-Bar Clouds is perfect for Continue reading