Private Event in the Opus Lounge, Le Méridien Hamburg

Well, the time had come for the next private event at a new location, namely in the Opus Lounge at the hotel Le Méridien Hamburg, organized by the Ambassador of our private club in April.

Opus Lounge, Le Méridien

The 5-star hotel Le Méridien offers a wonderful view over the Alster Lake and Skyliner of Hamburg. The atmosphere in the hotel’s bars is intimate, the furnishing is modern and the cocktails are tasty. By the way, in the Opus Lounge, smoking is allowed.
When I arrived, I immediately recognized a few familiar faces from the last private event.

Opus Lounge, Le Méridien

Opus Lounge, Le Méridien

Opus Lounge, Le Méridien

Opus Lounge, Le Méridien

Some members of the club I saw for the first time. I noticed that one young woman smiled at me a few times mysteriously. It was a sympathetic woman with beautiful voluminous mid-length dark hair. She was wearing an emerald green blouse, which underlined her black pearl eyes. When I inadvertently approached her, she smiled at me once again and said, that she had read my blog before coming to this event. I was flattered and sat down near her, to get the feedback about my blog. I was happy to hear that my post about the last private event of our club had helped her to make a decision to join us this time and that she liked my writing style. Isn’t it that what brings joy to us blogger to continue our work? ))

Opus Lounge, Le Méridien

I found out that this woman is practising a very interesting profession, but about her I tell you next time ;).
Now back to the event, after we all became acquainted and hold small talks to strengthen the club community and build relationships, we left the Opus Lounge for the hotel East to participate in the Spring Ball. There we were already expected by other club members for continuing the exciting evening.

Opus Lounge, Le Méridien

The evening was great! I have got to know many fabulous people and won some more friends, which I appreciate :).

More information about lifestyle here.

More information about events here.

Le Méridien Hotel Hamburg

East Hotel Hamburg


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