Private Event at 25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity

Private Event at 25hours Hotel in typical harbor style.

25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity

In March it was the first time that I, as a member of a private club, visited the event organized by the Ambassador of this club in Hamburg. Well, that was a bit different as I expected, but I liked it. Why different? Truly saying, I like “fancy-schmancy” events in modern aristocratic style (so I was overdressed). Perhaps it is because of my Eastern European roots that come in this way to appearance. But the event locality was informal. However I want to reassure you, it was surprisingly nice.
First of all the night view over the Hafencity (Harbor City) of Hamburg is very beautiful. At the moment there are a lot of construction works, many things are in process of building up and embellishing; the Hamburger Philharmonic is not finished as well. Nevertheless this district is already very exclusive with modern glamor and it will be much more grandiose.

25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity

As to locality the 25hours Hotel, there prevails a charming relaxed atmosphere and homely modern comfort, mix of harbor style and youth hostel with niveau.

25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity

The restaurant, hall and rooms are decorated with elements and materials from the port and shipbuilding.

25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity

In the restaurant there is a large window to the kitchen, through which one can observe the work of the chefs and maybe find out some tricks of cooking. As a semi-vegetarian, I ordered couscous with cherry tomatoes and yogurt sauce. Mmmm, it was delicious and the portion was large, so my husband had to help me ;). My table mates had cheese plates and antipasti, which looked very tasty, and they also confirmed that their dishes not only looked good but did really taste good.

25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity

Homemade drinks were served in a particular decorative and interesting way. These jars look very lovely and jolly. It made more fun to drink from such glasses)).

25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity

In the lobby of the 25hours Hotel it is also possible to purchase anecdotal accessories, various articles for home and interesting objects for fun.
As I’ve heard, every Friday the Hamburger bands, solo artists and newcomers play live music there.

It was a nice evening among club members and I am looking forward to the next private event )).

More information about lifestyle here.

More information about events here.

25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity


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