Crêperie Ti Breizh – 3 in 1

The Breizh (English: Brittany; French: Bretagne) is a large peninsula in the far west of France. In the north, west and south it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The tradition of this region and its flair can be found in the restaurant-crêperie Ti Breizh in the Old Town of Hamburg, which is situated on the Nikolaifleet and has a summer terrace at the water front. Ti Breizh is furnished in charming tavern style. That time I visited it with my french class (as I previously mentioned here I began to learn French, just for fun).

Crêperie Ti Breizh

The restaurant offers a large range of delicious galettes and crêpes, thus you can enjoy the tasty Bretonnian cuisine in it. Ti Breizh is one of my favorite restaurants in Hamburg.

Crêperie Ti Breizh

Crêperie Ti Breizh

Crêperie Ti Breizh

Crêperie Ti Breizh

A galette is a sort of pancake that has its origin in the Brittany. It is the savory version of the better known crêpe. The basic ingredient of the dough is buckwheat flour; hence the darker color of the galettes. The crêpes are offered there as dessert variations. Galettes were formerly the meal of the poor, but restaurant Ti Breizh has finished them with fine ingredients and brought to a high level. Nowadays they are en vogue.

Crêperie Ti Breizh

Crêperie Ti Breizh

Simultaneously the restaurant Ti Breizh serves as a showroom for paintings of different artists, which thematically fit the decor and atmosphere of the restaurant.
In the restaurant there is also a small boutique with maritime fashion from France. Strip Shirts in many styles and colors, chic cardigans, Breton fisherman shirts “vareuse,” the Breton wool sweaters, scarves and hats.
With the exclamation of “Be Breizh!” the Bretons wish a good friend “Good luck!”.
So “Be Breizh!” 😉

More information about lifestyle here.

Crêperie Ti Breizh


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