Chanel Fall-Winter 2014/15 – Grocery Chic

Chanel | Head designer: Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel Fashion Week

Karl Lagerfeld displays how you can discover grocery shopping in another way.
Motto: Make yourself Chanel chic for the supermarket, because you never know whom you meet on the way there!

Chanel Fashion Week

Chanel Fashion Week

Chanel Fashion Week

Chanel Fashion Week  Photos by SynergyByDesign/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Elegant Chanel dresses and suits with lurex are in combination with sporty sneakers, but still in glamor look with sequins. Under the elegant coats the models wear torn colorful jersey pants or tight pants. Many items have glitter, sequins and metallic colors! Cara Delevingne has opened the Chanel show.

Key Items: long coats, jumpsuits, jersey pants, metallic pants, typical Chanel suits, knit dresses
Key Color: pink, blackberry, yellow, silver, black, multi-colors
Material: leather, lurex, tweed, boucle wool, metallic fabrics, sequins
Pattern: abstract patterns, checks
Footwear: sporting boots with laces, metallic sneakers
Accessories: pearl necklaces, chains with locks, metal bracelets, shoulder bags, grocery baskets, shoppers, large sunglasses

More information about fashion here.

Favourite selections to fashion weeks here.



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