Sushi Factory, Hamburg – Delicious

Sushi Factory is a real experience!

Sushi Factory Hamburg

Yesterday we were at my favorite sushi restaurant Sushi Factory in Hamburg-Rotherbaum for a dinner and I would like to report you about my experiences.

Sushi Factory Hamburg

This modern-classic interior is a feast for the eyes: chic, glamorous, and at the same time intimate, not imposed and relaxed. Just delighting!

Sushi Factory Hamburg

The chandeliers in the classic style impart the modern decor a chic romantic flair and elegance. I love them!

Sushi Factory Hamburg

We take a seat in the cabin and turn our gaze to the sushi circle. This sight makes our mouths water.

Sushi Factory Hamburg

Look at these shining pearls! My favorite kind of sushi!

Sushi Factory Hamburg

There are also sushis for meat lovers. They scent, look and taste fabulous, my husband said. Psst, between us, I don’t eat meat.

Sushi Factory Hamburg

Nevertheless I was fascinated with seafood salad.

Sushi Factory Hamburg

Full up! Actually, more than was necessary, but with such taste explosions, one can hold back hard! The best sushis that I have ever eaten!

More information about lifestyle here.

Sushi Factory


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